tips for first time trek

Trekking becoming very popular among youths. Trekking not only keep you fit, but with this you can also explore new unseen places around your city or town. Trekking help you to explore the places which have never mentioned in any guide-book. Trekking is not an easy task as it looks, you’ve to prepare properly with these tips.


This will be going into your first trek so choose the distance wisely. Never push yourself hard otherwise you may feel pain in your legs. Keep your first trek distance under 15 KM (Incoming Outgoing).

Plan your trail

Choose your trail before you start the trek. Avoid high mountains and wildlife area. You’re not yet ready to face tough challenges that you may face at this trail. Make sure your trail is near City or town or at least mobile tower is present there.

Dress according to Trek

The Dressing is very important in trekking and you choose your dress according to the weather. You’ve to choose your dress according to weather condition, if it’s rainy/cold day then you should carry a water-repellent jacket with you. Wear durable dress, your clothes should be rough and tough. Check out some hiking dress from Wildcraft.

Pack your bag Carefully


On your first trek, pack your bag very intelligently. Do not carry unwanted things, every gram matters on trek.

Food and Water

Keep some good calorie food with you, avoid food that can be affected by the heat. Also make sure you’ve enough water with you and keep drinking water in regular interval. Dehydration is a big problem when you’re walking. Keep drinking water even you’re not thirsty. By the time you realize that you’re thirsty, you will already be dehydrated.


Keep basic Medicines like Pain killer, cold tablet, anti-biotic, band-aid with you.

Inform your dear one

Tell the complete information about your trail to your family or dearer one. Incase if any emergency happens, they’ll search for you.

This is just basic tips for your first trek, Go easy for the first time and learn from every step. Trekking is the best way to step away from busy life and enjoy the nature closely.

If you’re profession trekkers and have tips to share with newbies then please comment below and I’ll add them to above.


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