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Hiking or Trekking is incomplete with proper travel accessories or I could be dangerous. Backpackers will never leave for travel without their gears, this will not only protect them but also make their trekking fun and adventures. We collect some accessories for newbie backpackers. This is just starters, professional backpackers carry much more than these. We listed these accessories to keep Indian backpackers and India trails in mind.


Full Sleeve Hiking Tee

hiking tee

India is a hot country and most of the time it’s hot sunny weather. So you need Full Sleeve hiking tee which ensures that you stay cool and dry. The Hiking tee also features air ventilation, quick dry system and sup protection of UPF 50+.

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Wildcraft comes with new Collection for Trekking in Summer. Hypacool is built from breathable, UV protected and quick-dry fabrics. The material will draw the sweat on the surface and keep your skin cool.

Wildcraft hypacool

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Full-length Trousers

hiking trouser

You can’t go on hiking with jeans or pain. You need specially made trousers. Hiking trousers feature quick dry material, compact, sun protection and zip pocket. Trousers also come with reflective trim.

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Down Jacket (For Winters & Himalaya Trek)

Quechua Down X-Light Review

Down Jacket is must have if you’re hiking in Winter or at Himalayan trail where the temperature often reaches below 0 degrees C. A down jacket is filled with feathers & outer layer is built with a waterproof or water resistant material. This makes the jacket lightweight, portable & water resistant.

Most of the Down jackets comes with a hefty price but you can try Quechua X-Light Down Jacket which is priced around Rs. 3000.


Carry Mat

carry mat travel accessories

Carry Mat is a must for all Backpackers and it’ll keep you insulated while sleeping on the ground and If you’ve sleeping bag than it’ll go well with them as well. The Carry mat is always light in weight and can be rolled up easily so that you can strap it on the top of your rucksack.

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Sleeping Bag

sleeping bags

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If you’re just day trekker then sleeping bag is not that important, but if you camp at night, then Sleeping bag is a crucial piece of camping gear. Sleeping bags will give you comfort and its very important part of trekking. Good sleep will recharge you for the next day.

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Backpack or Rucksack


Backpacks or Rucksack is important gear for hikers. This useful gear is used to carry heavy loads like sleeping bags, clothes, cameras and accessories, walking sticks etc. The backpacks come with different storage capacity and it distributes the load on the shoulders and hips. Most of the load is carried by the hips as the hips are stronger than the shoulder. Rucksack also comes with many pockets which can be used to store many essential things.

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Fire Starter

travel fire starter

I consider Fire Starter as an Emergency gear. Most of the time you don’t need this, Lighter will do your work to ignite the fire. I’ll recommend you to buy WildCraft Fire Starter, it has a 5-in-1 functionality like whistle, compass, flint, saw and ruler which makes a handy accessory for the outdoors. This Fire Starter will even work at low temperatures.

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Durable Water Bottle


travel water bottle

The biggest reason to worry in trekking is the keep your body hydrated and for that, you need a water bottle. Most of the trekkers take a normal water bottle which is against the survival rule. The Trekking water bottle  should be durable, leak resistant and keep your water cold in dry condition.

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Lightning is another essential item you need when on backpacking. I’ll put this into survival list. No matter which type of traveler are you, you must have lightning source apart from your phone torch.

I’ll put lightning source into three categories: Normal handheld torch, Headlamp & Lantern. If you’re normal backpacker roaming around then the Good torch is more than enough and If you’re Hiking/Trekking or camping in the wilderness then you need both either Torch or Headlamp and lantern. Some trekker prefers headlamp over torch as it’ll keep their hands free.

Torch, Headlamp & Lantern are available at Decathlon stores.

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Rain Shield Rucksack alternative

travel rain shield

If you do not have Rucksack or waterproof backpack then you need Rain Shield to protect your bag from getting wet. Rain Shield is easy to very light in weight and easy to carry in a small pocket within your bag.

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If you know any travel accessories which could be useful for backpacking then let us know in the comment section.



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