Monsoon is considered as Off-season in Goa but it’s also very cheap to travel there. All the beach related activities are closed in Goa during Monsoon season, so your only luck to find some adventure activities on Eastern part of Goa closer to Karnataka/Maharashtra border.

Road Trip to Chorla Ghat in Goa during Monsoon

There is one scenic place lies around Goa-Karnataka border called Chorla Ghat where you can take Bike Trip from Goa. I recently took a trip to Goa in this Monsoon to view the amazing beauty of Goa during rain. Here my story of Road Trip to Chorla Ghat in Goa during Monsoon. Here is the Goa in Monsoon, the Goa beyond the beaches.

Road Trip to Chorla Ghat in Goa during Monsoon
Locals enjoying in one of the waterfall at Chorla Ghat

I started from Calangute area in Goa and from the Calangute, distance to Chorla Ghat is around 65 KM till Vazira Shakira Waterfall. I chose Mapusa Road for Up and Aldona road for the return trip. If you want to take straight route then chose Mapusa road and if you want to explore the inner Goa with a beautiful view of backwater & rice paddy field then chose Aldona road, Aldona road is bit difficult so I suggest you to go with Navigation ON.

Waterfall in Chorla Ghat
Waterfall in Chorla Ghat

Prerequisite before taking this Road Trip

  • Take a geared vehicle, don’t pickup gearless scooter on this trip.
  • Take food & water supply, through you’ll find restaurants just before the ghat.
  • Start the trip early to spend sufficient time at the Chorla ghat. I know it’s difficult to get up early specially in Goa.
  • Check the tire pressure & petrol.
  • Take rain sheet and extra clothes if you’re planning to take a bath in the waterfall.
  • Waterproof camera

As I mentioned in the above list, you’ve to get up early in the morning and start your trip at 8 AM so that you can return back to the main city before the nightfall. Whenever I travel to any place, I always wake up early to start my trip, by doing this I always managed to beat the other tourists and also the early morning is good for the photography.

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Rice Paddy Field Goa Monsoon
Rice Paddy Field in Goa during Monsoon

I left early from Calangute and took the Mapusa road & head straight to Harvalem Waterfall. The waterfall is slightly ahead of the bicholim town and for the Chorla Ghat you’ve to return back to Bicholim. Anyway, you can cover this in a single day to make your day more productive. The Harvalem (Arvalem) Waterfall is a short distance away from Bicholim town near the village Sanquelim.

Harvalem (Arvalem) Waterfall

The waterfall from a height of 50 meters and provide the very scenic view with the forest around. The govt developed a park from which the view of the waterfall can be cherished but make sure you’ve rain sheet as during the monsoon the flow of the waterfall is very high and you’ll get the vapors on you.

Harvalem (Arvalem) Waterfall Goa Monsoon

If you want a full view of waterfall then you’ve to go on another side of fall. There is a small bridge on the right-hand side of the fall, take that come near the fall and you’ve to crossed through few bushes & small water stream to reach the other side of the fall.

Harvalem Waterfall Goa Monsoon

I spent some time there and returned back. After the waterfall, I visited the Arvalem Cave, a small temple like structure made from carving the rock. Some believe the caves are from a Buddhist temple and some believe it’s a Pandava caves. The Pandavas takes stayed here during their exile period.

Harvalem Arvalem Cave

After a beautiful visit to Harvalem (Arvalem) Waterfall & Cave, I returned to Bicholim where I took the Chorla Ghat route.

The moment you entered into Chorla route, the entire view of surrounding is changed, you’ll see long trees around the roads and you start feeling good on your bike.

Road Trip to Chorla Ghat in Goa during Monsoon
Road from Bicholim to Chorla Ghat

For few KMs till the duty collecting fee booth, you’ll see the villages and shop around them and after that booth, the Chorla Ghat begins. If you want to eat something or want some snacks for you then do it before the booth. There are few restaurants around the booth. After that, you won’t find anything on entire Chorla Ghat. I’ll suggest you to have a lunch there and head straight to Beautiful Chorla Ghat.

Road Trip to Chorla Ghat in Goa during Monsoon
Road in Chorla Ghat

Chorla Ghat in Monsoon is full of small waterfalls and the huge Vazira Shakira fall

Goa is all about beaches but Chorla Ghat reminds you there is hillside of Goa as well. Chorla Ghat is the part of the beautiful Western Ghats which is known for its famous Waterfalls, biodiversity, and a few rare species. The Chorla Ghat is located at the elevation of 800 meters which means in Monsoon the entire Ghat is covered with the Clouds.

Road Trip to Chorla Ghat in Goa during Monsoon


The Chorla Ghat is the home of many small waterfalls and the big one Vazira Shakira fall, that twin waterfall falls from a hill covered in the forest. There is two resort as well on the Chorla ghat in case if you want to stay and admire the beauty of Vazira Shakira fall that can be seen best from the resort.

Vazira Shakira waterfall

You don’t have to go to all the way to the top of the Chat as you’ll reach the Karnataka. During the uphill, you’ll one resort Wildernest, just after that resort you’ll find the small waterfall just near the Road. From there you can have a bath in the fall and take a U-turn.

Road Trip to Chorla Ghat in Goa during Monsoon
Final Waterfall on Chorla Ghat, take U-turn after this

Make sure you keep your camera handy, there are many waterfalls on the road where you can take the beautiful pictures. On the way to the up, I found the beautiful Anjuna Dam, few KM away from the main anjunem Dam gate, you can take the beautiful pictures of entire anjunem Dam with Green forest and clouds in the background.

Road Trip to Chorla Ghat in Goa during Monsoon
View of Anjunem Dam

After the enjoying my beautiful afternoon in Chorla Ghat, I took my bike and returned back to Calangute. This time, I took the Aldona Road.

Goa in Monsoon

Aldona road is a very scenic route, it takes you through some old Goa villages with a view of old churches, rice paddy field, backwater, old & modern bridges and some awesome people I met during my trip.

Goa in Monsoon

There are so many locations on this route where you like to snap in your camera.

Road Trip to Chorla Ghat in Goa during Monsoon

Goa is much more than just the beaches & Churches. There are beautiful flora n fauna, waterfalls and pictures location at the eastern side of Goa where the magnificent Western Ghat lies.



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